Helping Your Business Build Success

The Talent Bridge was born in 2009 as a result of the vision of two people wanting to reach out and
provide the best training to people.

This is a place where we “Bridge” that gap between being good and being excellent. We help build
competencies of people by using the most innovative methods of training and make learning a fun

We come with a lot of experience in the service industry in various areas and bring the best practices to
the board.

The Talent Bridge is a company that offers specialized services to the Commercial Hospitality Industry.

It also offers an array of generic services to the Information Technology Industry, Health Care, Welfare
Hospitality, Pharmaceutical and Retail Industries and also to the Armed Forces.

Our principal consultant is an expert with people skills in the commercial and noncommercial hospitality

We also work with people in offering mental health solutions.

Employee Sourcing and Recruitment

Commercial Hospitality Industry


Service and Management Audits